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``I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.`` - Albert Einstein

The promising objective as to why Spendless Academy is put together, is to connect aspiring entrepreneurs, business students, corporate professionals and many others through thousands of readily available webinars run by trainers from all over the world. Covering topics from social media marketing, business planning, personal branding, communication skills and more – upgrade your knowledge from your own home, at your time of convenience. Apply it to your business, career and personal development and look forward to progress further.

We’re here to educate the global community.


Select from hundreds of webinars from a variety of trending topics, from speakers and experts all over the world.


Each webinar runs for 45 minutes of sharing, and extra 15 minutes where you can ask questions live to the speaker.


Rate & Review the webinar, upon completion and earn reward points. Accumulate reward points to claim gifts and discounts.


Stay connected with the speaker through various social media channels, to continue being inspired.

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We believe in educating a global community from students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and more. Get connected with us to speak on obtaining the commercial license for your institution, company or organization. Educate more, for way less.


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