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About Spendless Academy

You are your greatest teacher.

Spendless Academy Mission -To Empower our Global Community with Knowledge and Growth.

Our CEO, Leza Klenk’s commitment to economic and social empowerment is commendable and has been stretched further to build this single knowledge platform to keep the rapidly growing online community connected, motivated and empowered. To make learning and teaching accessible we designed Spendless Academy.

Leza Klenk, Chief Executive Officer


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Why Spendless Academy for online community?

One platform so you can take charge of your personal and career/business growth.

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Why Spendless Academy for Trainers?

As a Trainer you would be able to leverage your expertise and do what you are most passionate about – share knowledge from anywhere, whilst growing your reach and personal branding amongst tens of thousands of avid learners in over 20 countries.

If you want to unleash your full potential, please express your interest by completing the Trainer Registration form today.

Learn over immersive half day workshops with experts.