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Alex Loh

Alex is a consultant and coach in the fitness, health and wellness space, business owner, loving husband and doting father.

His compass is guided by the desire to help people. Having successfully built and maintained communities across Southeast Asia over the years, he is a true advocate in harnessing community as the vehicle to connect, and build credibility, trust and authentic relationships.

Fitness and sports have always been a big part of his life, having represented Singapore in Water Polo at the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and SEA Games. The resilience and mental toughness ingrained from years of competitive sports is something that has helped him push through the most trying times in his professional and personal life. He is passionate about speaking and coaching on mindset, resilience and mental toughness.

Alex is a firm believer in fitness, health and wellness being the cornerstone to life. By engaging in preventive health strategies through positive lifestyle habits, we can fulfil our life’s purpose more energetically.

Your purpose is not a destination. Your purpose is a constant.

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