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Anuj AV Kulkarni

I'm a learning & development professional at heart with global experience in managing people side of change, building an innovation mindset and delivering complex projects. I've consulted startups, small businesses, govt. undertakings as well as large MNCs over the last 25 years in diverse industry areas such as information technology, oil & gas, power, entertainment, healthcare, education, etc. I'm passionate about learning new things & sharing my knowledge with others.

Book a coaching call with me if you are looking for coaching in following areas,
1. Apply Design Thinking to solve business problems innovatively
2. Apply Organizational Change Management to manage technology transformation at work
3. Personal or Career Growth in challenging times
4. Balancing work & personal life during crisis situations
5. Managing resistance to change during transformation
6. Managing stakeholders at work to get the job done
7. Handling complex projects with ease
8. Managing virtual teams remotely and getting desired results

Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival

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