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Dr Dayana Chaskar

I have been actively involved in soft-skills and technical training Internationally for various SMEs, MNCs, GLCs, Governmental agencies and Tertiary institutions since 2008. My key expertise is in Behavioural Sciences, especially in Organisational Transformational and Customer Satisfaction programmes. Besides I have also trained on Corporate English & Malay training, Personal Effectiveness & Empowerment, Corporate Branding and Communications programmes.
Coming from a diverse background and experiences, my previous and present clientele include ABG of companies, POS Malaysia, PERODUA, DRB Hicom, MEPS, GMI, MAHSA, KDU, TARUC, UM, EMS Language Academy, #Accreditation Services International GmbH Germany, Swift Support Services, Tokio Marine, MINDEF, DOF, LHDN, MAQIS, RELA, FAMA, Jab. Veterinar, INSPEKA, and JPN.

I am able to connect, engage and train C-suites, Executives and Non-Executives which qualifies me to conduct private coaching & Communication sessions for top management such as Learnlight London, Megapower Le Grand, E & Y, Celcom Planet, Sogo Plastic, CJ Korea Express, Thales Malaysia, Ericson, KK Supermart Group, Warner Music and Opus International.

Professionally, I am an International Licensed Trainer for MWS, Certified NIOSH Train the Trainer, HRDF approved trainer, a qualified In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT), a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) and a Certified IGCSE Cambridge for Life Instructor (CELF) and currently pursuing my NF NLP Basic Practitioner course. I am also active as the founding member of the Consultants and Business Management Research Association (CBMRA).

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