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Mandar Joshi

Mandar is the owner of M-Strategy, a consulting firm in Dubai focusing on advising start-up ventures in respect of financial and strategic matters. He has also been a seed investor in a few start-up ideas expected to commercially launch during the year 2019.

Mandar’s expertise lies in transforming innovative ideas into scalable & profitable business models. He has been guiding start-up entrepreneurs in critical areas such as financial modeling, business planning, creating investor presentations, pitching to & negotiating with investors, reviewing Term Sheets, shareholding agreements & legal contracts, monitoring statutory compliance and so on.

By academics, Mandar is a Post-graduate with Double Masters (Management & Commerce) and Chartered Accountant certified by Institutes in UK as well as India.

Before founding M-Strategy, Mandar served multinational corporates in South East Asia and Middle East in different positions such as Chief Executive, member of financial committees and Boards of Directors.

If you think you can, you are right. If you think you cannot, you are right.

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