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Naima Lacerna

Naima Lacerna, the founder of Closer Consultancy, is equipped with over 10 years experience in corporate business with international exposure. She began as an EA for the CEO of an international engineering and security systems manufacturer. Assisting in closing high level business deals, she swiftly took up the position of international Sales Manager, launching the London, Dubai and Singapore offices.

Focusing on the expansion of the business into uncharted territory, she increased Gulf revenues by 60% and energised business development capabilities across the GCC and SE Asia. Her next role saw her working for the leading global provider of corporate travel and immigration services, where she was the top performing salesperson in Europe, winning business from multi-national companies.

Explaining why she launched the business during the COVID-19 pandemic "You can’t sell the same way you did pre-2020. If you do, you won’t achieve the same results. Businesses need to adapt, change and pivot almost everything they did previously. If you want to thrive in business development today, it will require a transition to the new world of selling remotely. Change isn’t easy, and learning how to navigate this new way of doing business can feel intimidating."

Specialising in international business development and sales consultancy - she equips business owners and executives with the tools needed to win business and open doors.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

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