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I am a Business Growth Consultant and have been running my firm PSBS Advisory services since 2017.

In my journey so far, I have helped 450+ people shift from Corporate shifts to Self-Employment space. In the process, wrote 3 books and became a co-author for a 4th one :The Growth Hacking Book II"
I aspire to help Entrepreneurs do things better, bigger and brighter!

The market is full of people who can tell you how to find your niche, sub niche and in some cases Micro niche!
People also tell you how to create funnels and run ADs.
What we miss out on is the USP - Your Story that is unique to you - The part that actually connects you to the people you want to reach to, and helps them see the authentic you.
That is where I come in..

I help people Develop, Tell, Sell and Nurture their story and in the process, create a strong Personal Brand organically.

Not a shortcut, but a sustainable run :)

"You teach best what you most want to learn" From "Illusions" by Richard Bach I am a Seeker and lifelong learner, hence it is fitting!!

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