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Rizal Azis

A motivational speaker, leadership specialist and seasoned coach who brings with him close to 20 year of experience in business strategy and development, organisational behaviour, talent and performance management, corporate consulting, and office management.

Rizal believes that it’s the people - and not the policies nor processes - that make an organisation successful. He passionately believes in the culture of service, and that people-centric ideas and initiatives are key to creating stable and well-connected work ethics and maximising team potential.

A shift in culture and mindset at leadership level is fundamental to enhance and ccelerate) individual success in any organisational cause.

#theINCOMPLETEleader is a book that I'm completing in 2021 and it shares my journey in leadership and personal development!

“I don’t aspire to be like other drivers – I aspire to be unique in my own way” ~ Lewis Hamilton

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