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Vivmmie Lau

Over two decades of corporate life as a qualified accountant and leadership role in US-based multinational companies, Vivmmie experienced and witnessed how personal image and brand could help manifesting one’s career progression and leading to success.

To define success, professional image and work results are imperative “bundles”, it helps us create perceptual differences and perceived values on top of one’s working knowledge and job competencies.

Cultivating professional image and brand are beyond just changing your attire. It is a comprehensive and curated process that evolves around perfecting your appearance, behavior, communication skill and digital presence in order to be perceived as professional, competent, confident, dependable or other attributes that help achieving your career or business goals.

To accelerate ourselves in today’s competitive and fast changing business world, we need to “look the part to get the part”.

Underneath her gentle mannerism, Vivmmie is determined to support professionals or entrepreneurs in 3 ways: (1) Unleash their potentials via personal brand; (2) Transform to attain better professional image; and (3) Enhance your business and career opportunities that you deserved.

Upsell Your Value With Professional Image and Brand

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