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Wandalyn Tan-Calupig

Wandalyn Tan-Calupig is an Audit Manager turned Career and Life Coach, Amazon Author, International Speaker and CEO.

After suffering from burnout in 2014, she committed to help executives and professional working moms live happier lives to save them from the pain she has been through. Her focus is on helping others have a purpose driven career and living.

She is helping executives and professionals in career planning and transitions to a new job, entrepreneurship or creative retirement aligned with their soul's purpose.

Her life mission is to help others live happier lives through training and coaching.

As a wife and mom of 2, family, love and service are at the core of everything she does.

Using simple and powerful NLP and mindfulness techniques, her clients achieve positive lasting changes in the shortest time possible like winning the dream job in 3 months or less.

In March 2014, she had her lowest low suffering from burnout and quarter-life crisis despite her personal and professional success. But now that she knows the secrets to living a happier, peaceful and purposeful life, she committed to help others through her personal journey.

Her gift of optimism and mind expertise has positively transformed many others to live their dreams - win awards, top notch and pass board exams, achieve perfect weight, get the dream job, heal trauma, conceive a child and find a partner in life.

Her success arises from her gift of optimism and rare combination of financial skills (honed as a consultant for 20+ years with big companies like Intel and Emirates Airlines and communication skills (honed as International Certified NLP master practitioner and trainer certified by T.Harv Eker).

She provides training, coaching and mentoring to businesses and individuals who want to fast-track achieving their dreams and goals.

She specializes in helping organizations and individuals solve problems through questioning techniques, mind strategies and use of positive psychology.

As an auditor of 20 years, her greatest strength is in finding the gaps and offering simple actionable solutions to help others. She loves guiding others by asking powerful, respectful and thought-provoking questions.

She is an expert in simplifying the complex. She is an expert in finding the blessing in the burden and the purpose in every pain.

Her commitment to fulfill her vision to inspire, educate and empower others lead her to write books and create an online school. She authored 5 books to date and her vision is to create a positive impact to millions by educating the mind, heart, and spirit.

You can contact her at for coaching or for invitations to speak before your group or organization.

God has a purpose for your pain, blessing in your burden and treasure in your trial.

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