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The Four Catalysts to Accelerate Success. In this order.

The Four Catalysts to Accelerate Success. In this order.


The resilience to fight through adversity is one of the strongest attributes of becoming successful. The path to success is not easy, as it is full of challenges, hardships and tests that could potentially break you rather than groom you. To maintain a positive attitude and mindset, and despite the setbacks and failures, you need to remind yourself that you are still moving along the road to success.

Coupled with adversity, is the power of resilience, determination and the willingness to learn. As an individual, you must evolve and learn as your company grows and lead the company in the right direction. You are guaranteed to run into problems, so you must be prepared to face and overcome every challenge and obstacle.


People are not born competent. Competencies develop and grow as does your experience. Every day is a learning experience, and as each and every day passes, your competencies and skills will also develop and grow. The experiences you gain are not just limited to attending courses, but it’s  also learning from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. You must never believe or think that you know everything. There will always be a new problem or situation that needs your attention in growing the company. Therefore, you must be willing to examine each and every problem and learn from these experiences to avoid making wrong decisions or choices in the future. Importantly, mindfulness and knowing are important elements in making the right choices and decisions for your company. However, inevitably, your experiences may not always be sufficient to develop or groom you, which is why learning and observing the experiences of yourself and others is a valuable lesson in life.

If we are not hungry to seek knowledge, then we will always remain and be seen as mere amateurs.


To grow and develop companies, achieve great feats and accomplishments, and serve a vast network of people – you need resources. People with expertise that do not exist in your company, or people who are more proficient than you in certain areas. Interestingly, we are not born as experts in everything we say and do, and often, it takes far too long to execute something without the help of others. With combined intellect and experience, along with competent resources, you will achieve outcomes more efficiently and in a much shorter time. Interestingly, people are always looking for easy ways to build and develop resources by investing vast amounts of capital in order to drive the business further. However, merely building resources will not bring about the anticipated return on the investment if leadership skills are poor, and the company is not moving in the right direction.

Capital Injection

Capital injection is only relevant if you have the willpower, knowledge and resources available.  Only then will you be able to disseminate funds into the right investments to achieve maximum returns in the shortest time. People lacking knowledge and experience in operating a business, or who have never managed a team of people or experienced difficult situations and hardships, may inappropriately or accidentally misuse funds through bad investments in human resources or marketing ventures.

In 2010, when I started my business from home, I had no money, no experience, especially from a corporate perspective and I soon realised, that I needed money to grow money. Notwithstanding, I was contemplating managing funds of the amounts that I’d never before managed nor imagined. I suspected, being the ambitious person that I am, someday I would be trading equity, raising investments and growing institutional funds into a scalable company. However, before I considered raising money, I thought a lot about whether I was prepared to manage finances and investments associated with the business.

I soon realised that having a lot of money would quickly become redundant without knowing the right channel(s) to invest in – which meant, I needed to acquire the knowledge. I also knew at that time that I needed to establish a strong team around me, as I lacked the necessary skills in many areas such as; branding, finance, business growth and sales. Furthermore, I knew that I would need to learn about leadership and how to succeed in this business. It then occurred to me, that if I wanted to establish and grow large companies with an extensive network one day – then the road would be long and arduous.  This is the reason why I needed to have the right attributes and mindset in order not to fail my investors or give up easily.

In fact, it took me years, to acquire the knowledge and to change my mindset. It’s an ongoing process for me to learn while I aspire to form and lead large teams each day – it’s not easy.

In retrospect, after all that I said to myself, it finally started to make sense when I began to seek investments and manage capital injection, because I know now, exactly where that investment should go to and knowing I have a fantastic team supporting my vision.

My determination continues to strengthen through chasing success for myself, my family, my investors and my team. Knowing how to make money is more valuable than the money itself.

Inspiration from Leza Parker, CEO Spendless Group

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