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04-Feb: Creating an Exponential Mindset by RON LAL

04-Feb: Creating an Exponential Mindset by RON LAL

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This is a one time 4 hours course.

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  • 04th February 2021 11am to 3pm SGT

Note: There is a 15 minutes break in between the modules.

You will be awarded Certificate of Completion upon completion.


What does it take to create an exponential mindset? More importantly what are the benefits of an exponential mindset. Exponential mindset opens a whole new way of looking at things, a whole new set of opportunities that we do not have visibility of. This course will teach you how to find untapped potentials from within to create exponential results for yourself and the world around you.

Some of the things that you will work away with:

– How to do deep inner work to uncover potentials
– Identify areas of your that do not serve you
– Ability to create opportunities intentionally and successfully
– What to do for maximum results
– Your personalised exponential mindset journal


About Ron Lal:

I’m the Founder and CEO of Momentum Mind Lab a Design Thinking Organisation.
I’m infinitely passionate about creating value by designing extraordinary experiences. I do this by drawing on my practical business and academic knowledge.
I teach people how to use Human Centred Design to create amazing businesses whether it’s a start-up or an existing business.

My current clientele is spread through multiple countries where we have created strong and sustainable business strategies that not only create profit but also deliver real value to all stakeholders.



     Module 1: Mastery & Mindset

• The 3 elements to mastery – Modelling, Immersion and Repetition
• The connection between mindset and results – Going beyond just Action and Results
• The Ideal system – Your Business, Finances and Relationships
• The belief system – Old beliefs versus New Identity
• Presenting Tool – For yourself, others and the World

     Module 2: Deep Inner work

• 5 exercises which will create change at a deep level for lasting impact
• Understand the power of leadership and how to use language that impacts your life
• Discover how to unlock your “Zone of Genius”
• Dive into deep inner work to become more present with your most deepest desires and aspirations

     Module 3: Exponential Thinking

In a world where people focus on 10% incremental growth around their life and business, we want to play in a world where we are looking at 10 times exponential growth. Creating that exponential curve for yourself and for your clients requires exponential thinking.

This module includes:
• How exponential thinking leads you into creating exponential impact
• The 4 elements of exponential thinking and how it can deeply shift motivation and open the doors to high performance
• 6 Steps to create your own impossible goal
• Understand the distinction between ‘simple’, ‘complicated’ and ‘complex’ problems, which can help you unlock the exponential game

     Module 4: Exponential Impact

How do you 10X your impact? What does it take to have a real impact in the person staring back at you in the mirror? What does it take to have an impact out there in the world?

This final principle will set you on the path of exponential impact.

This module includes:
• How you can jump past incremental progress and start creating exponential impact
• A 5-part tool to 10X your impact and bring powerful shifts for you and your clients
• How to powerfully move past a “Vulnerability Hangover”

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