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01-Nov: Take Charge of your Personal Brand – by Leza Klenk

01-Nov: Take Charge of your Personal Brand – by Leza Klenk

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  • 1st November 2020 11:00am to 4:00pm SGT

Note: There is a 15 minutes break in between the modules.

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Why personal branding is important? For five simple reasons no matter the profession of an individual, personal branding helps to:

  • Inputs trust
  • Build Connections
  • Builds Credibility
  • Gain confidence 
  • Having authenticity 

These are the five goals to why an individual would invest in personal branding. More so, in the era of social media marketing – online personal branding is proven to reach out to a whole lot more people than offline personal branding. 


Online Personal Branding
Linkedin is one of the best platforms to build business connections with more than 500 million profiles available and connecting every single day. In this trainer’s course, your role is to guide an individual on the simple start guide to build their personal branding and to win opportunities from the community of people they attract. 


About Leza Klenk

Leza is a currently the CEO of a beauty tech company operating in more than ten countries, an award winning entrepreneur, an early stage investor and a personal branding coach. She is a sought after speaker and have spoken at more than 100 events on entrepreneurship, trade equity financing and personal branding in more than six countries. She has lectured more than 40 universities around South East Asia, and with more than 100,000 followers on LinkedIn – she contributed business articles and posts daily. At 28, she won the title of Singapore Youngest Business Guru and her story featured in a publication “The Lady Boss” available in bookstores. In 2019, she bagged the award of Asia’s Greatest CEO for 2018 awarded by Asia One and URS International.



Module 1 

Introduction to Personal Branding
– Why do we personally brand?
– Personal Branding online vs offline
– Winning People
– Why LinkedIn
– Assignment

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile
– Guideline
– Checklist to Follow

Learning About Self
– You today and you tomorrow
– What makes you the person you are?
– What makes you the person you are in business?
– Assignment – Knowing about yourself better

Content Curation
– Why does content matter?
– What is visual media?
– Who are you targeting?
– Actionable tips & tricks
– Hashtags
– How frequent should I post?
– Engaging Communities Online
– Digital Storytelling
– Creating a Library of Assets
– Assignment

Module 2 

Raising Engagement
– Communication as a Two Way Street
– Being Aware
– Raising Engagement in Virtual Communities
– Assignment

Exploring Synergies
– Gathering communities – what’s next?
– Simple Synergies
– Exploring Bigger Synergies

Analysing and Prospecting
– Social Selling – How to do it amazingly well?
– Profiling your network
– Investigate Competitor’s Network
– Monitor reactions and take action
– Assignment

Module 3 

Stories in Stages
– Importance of sequential posts
– Filtering Audience
– Case Study
– Assignment

Do & Don’ts
– Social Etiquette for Business Owners
– What you can and should do?
– What you should not do?
– Checklist

Case Studies
Reading material featuring more than ten case studies of professionals on LinkedIn about Personal Branding.

Module 4

When Publicity Backfires
– Negativity and Defamation
– Handling Negative feedback
– Understanding psychology behaviour of people.
– Sample templates of responses
– Checklist

Taking it offline
– Build deeper meaningful relationships offline
– Relationships that is best to foster offline
– How to take an online connection offline
– Assignment

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