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Friday, 31st May 2019 11:00 AM (SGT)
60 Mins
0 Lessons

Anji Hallewell

Self-Mastery & Performance Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Author | Mindfulness | NLP | Positive Mindset


When you are driving you have an end destination in mind, when you are cooking you know what the end dish is going to be and in life you need to know what outcome you are working towards. In other words, set your intention. Sounds simple enough, right? Then, why do so many fail to set the desired outcome before they embark on something? Let me share with you how you can set power or intentions, so you know exactly where you are heading and can effectively achieve your goals.

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • How to set powerful intentions

  • How to remain focused and stay true to your intentions

  • How to remain agile and efficient towards your goals to create the desire end result

Friday, 31st May 2019 11:00 AM (SGT)
60 Mins