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12 days left
Monday, 28th Jun 2021 11:30 AM (SGT)
60 Mins
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Having the right mindset is half the battle won and keeps us on track to be motivated to accomplish a task/project, make decisions, build relationships, or simply just to live life.

To be more precise, the Growth Mindset is what sets you thinking differently from someone with the fixed mindset. The hallmark of the Growth Mindset essentially is based on the belief that talents can be developed and cultivated through your own efforts. Other traits often associated with the Growth Mindset are positivity, optimism, resilience, lifelong learner and zest for life.

This introduction session is for you if you’d like to gain the self-awareness to uncover and understand the Growth Mindset to apply to all areas of your life.

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • Understanding and differentiating Growth vs Fixed Mindset

  • What the determinants of Mindset are?

  • What does it mean to frame and reframe Mindset?

  • Strategies to develop the Growth Mindset

12 days left
Monday, 28th Jun 2021 11:30 AM (SGT)
60 Mins

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